Super Farmer

Super Farmer - Virtual Farm - This game is a great village life and great fun to deal with a virtual farm. Are agriculture can earn? - Many of our local farmers argued that it is impossible. - Show them that you can! Decide what to plant, grow ground, water your plants, pick crops, send products to market, watch him, and he shall fix a reasonable price for your products. - Game Super Farmer allows players to try their hand at a very difficult business, which is agriculture. The Super Farmer player goal is to change the declining farm in bringing huge profits and thriving business. This will require us right strategy, a lot of courage in making decisions, good ideas and a lot of smarts.

Licence: Shareware

Producent: Alawar Entertainment

Operating system: Win 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7

Size: 24.41 MB

Download Super Farmer

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